Today I made waffles…


they took 8 hours. 

I have this great cookbook, it is my secret weapon.  It is called “How to Cook Everything”.  And truly, it tells you how to cook everything.   From beans to pizza dough to shrimp to lamb to curry to lentils to waffles.  Really everything. 

Goodbye,  Betty Crocker and your indespensible cream of mushroom soup. Goodbye, Better Homes and Gardens and your handy tabbed dividers.  Goodbye, Laurel’s Kitchen and your sanctimonious meatlessness.  There’s a new book in town!

In the interest of honesty, this  affair of mine is not so new.  I have been sneaking around with this cookbook for a couple of years now.  A rice and beans recipe here,  a pasta dough recipe there, but today…  I can no longer deny the importance of this book in my life.  I can’t pretend that this is some passing fancy.  

Today this book gave me waffles.  Waffles that took 8 hours to bring to fruition.  The best waffles I have ever made. (to be fair, I need to tell you that 7.75 hours were spent letting the waffle sponge rest and grow).  But, without a doubt, the best waffles. 

Truly, this is cookbook love.


About Sandie

A little background: A mother of 3, two boys and a girl. Married young to a good man. No longer young, but he is still a good man. Grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, lived several years in small town Alaska, spent a couple years in the city of Madison, currently residing not too far from down town Anchorage. Drink a crazy amount of coffee. Fiercely loyal to my friends. Truly rabid in my defense of family. Beyond thankful that my God loves me enough to allow me to doubt and question.

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  1. You know, I’ve even given up on Bisquick waffles. 8-hour is a bit more than I’d dream of right now.

    The cookbook sounds great!!

  2. Sponge? Was this a sourdough recipe? I finally tried my hand at sourdough bread just last week. Well, after two batches of extra-crispy crust (dentil bills coming), I threw out the sponge and will pursue a mentor. wanna apply? smile.

  3. OK, so I need to tell you about
    where I check first to see if they have it, and then I get it sent to me for free . . that is if I had some credits. I’ve used mine all up.

    So, if I recall correctly you can get your hands on some extra books pretty easily . . .join this group, post some books that your willing to part with, and ORDER SOME BOOKS FROM ME so that I can get more credits . .because, if they have this book posted, I would sure like to get it!!!

    even if you don’t order anything from me, check out paperbackswap anyway . .

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