Monthly Archives: February 2008

Off the wagon…


I have fallen off the wagon, or more truthfully, several wagons, in the last couple of weeks. 

Off the Diet Coke wagon, off the Lenten photo of the day wagon, off the exercise wagon, off the clean the kitchen each night before bed wagon, off the blog regularily wagon, off the slow down and reflect upon Christ’s sacrifice during this season of Lent wagon. 

Not only did I fall off , my feet became tangled in the reins and I was dragged along behind as the horses ran wildly. 

This morning it seems the horses got tired and stopped, and I am standing again.  A little shaky. 

I yearn for Lent to be a time of simplicity.  The riot of the winter holidays is over. In our northernly climes the earth is quiet, resting, gathering strength for the coming work of spring.  This is what I wanted for myself. 

The last 2 weeks have been an insanity of road trips and doctors appointments and school events and missing church and snowfalls and large unexpected expenses. 

I feel a bit cheated.

So Lent is starting over for me, tomorrow.  Today, I have an awful lot to do.


Lenten Photos


After the great success of the daily Advent photo adventure, I have decided to do it again. Slightly different format.

 A few of us from Arbor Covenant church have gotten together and with the help of Cathy Stanley-Erickson, formed an on-line gallery. We are all going to strive for a new photo each day of this Lenten season.  We have no set theme, the photos may or may not be spiritual in nature.  For me, just another chance to stop and remember the sacrifice.

We will be posting our photos here.

Visit often and enjoy.

Giving up.



It’s 11:54pm, Fat Tuesday, and my party is in full swing, swilling a cold Diet Coke.  I have to drink it fast,  Lent begins tomorrow,  in 6 minutes. 

 I didn’t grow up “giving something up” for Lent.  I was raised in the Pietist  tradition. Saved by grace, not works.  

As I have gotten older, I have found myself wanting, needing, to give something up for Lent.  I know that my salvation is a gift of God’s grace, nothing I can earn, nothing I can repay. 

And it is easy for me to get so busy that the wonder of that precious gift just flies right out of my head.  I take it for granted.  Tragic. 

So now, I give something up, not every year, but most.  I do this to remind me of the great sacrifice that was made, Christ’s blood;  that I might spend eternity celebrating. 

It is my fervent hope that for the next several weeks, each time I reach for a Diet Coke, and find nothing, I will take a moment to remember. 

Sunny the enforcer…


On Fridays, Sunny and I volunteer in the lunchroom at Kjell and Broder’s school.  It is a fun little adventure each week, and Sunny has become something of a celebrity.  Kids in all grades come through the lunch-line and greet her.  During each of the 3 lunch periods she has someone with whom to sit and visit. 

But, it is not all fun and games, oh no, there is work to be done…

Sometimes Sunny helps wipe tables after the kids leave.  Sometimes she makes the “Don’t forget to pick up your milk” announcement over the lunchroom PA system.  Sometimes she helps the “lunch lady” collect the kids lunch tickets.  Sometimes she helps hand out milk.  It is all very exciting.

2 weeks ago, her role changed. 

On the menu was baked cheese ziti, and the ever popular mushy peas. 

One little 2nd grader was not pleased about the peas, perhaps the texture upset him, and before anything could be done a handful of the little green blobs were volleyed across the table where he sat. 

Sunny marched right up to him, one little hand on her hip, the other extended, finger pointed straight at this boy’s face, and she says:

“Do we throw peas in here? I don’t THINK so!”