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Broder and Grandpa…




From the mouth of my babe…



Dave spent a bit of time today “resting” on the couch.  When he awoke, he sat up and said “I just want to sit here and not do anything.”

Sunny’s response:  “That’s not very self-sacrificing and generous”. 

About 1/2 hour later, when we all stopped laughing, Dave made dinner.  How very self sacrificing and generous.

Selfish Lazy-butt.


My friend Kathie B called me today and asked “being a mother is not conducive to being a selfish lazy-butt, don’t you wish it was sometimes?”

“oh yes, yes!!” I heartily agreed. 

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I am a selfish lazy-butt.  She has such an unusually high opinion of me, and since so few do…