A picture of the patient…


long overdue, I know, he is already back at work and everything…  We met with the surgeon last Monday and he stopped just short of calling the outcome a miracle.  Repeatedly we were told that he had not expected to have the surgery go as well as it did, that when he first saw Dave, he really didn’t think he would have good news to share, how he never would have thought they could get that “massive” tumor out with as little trauma as they did, etc etc etc.  Several times over the last few weeks we have heard that it is WONDERFUL that Dave was symptomatic, as had this grown/changed/whatevered any further we would be talking about how much time he had left, and how to make that the best it could be. 

Instead,  here we are, talking about a follow up visit in a month, Dave has been cleared to go back to work, to start running again. 

So, the surgeon might not say miracle, but I am going to, because that is what this is, our own private miracle.  Walking, working, running proof that prayer works and God listens.  And wow, are we ever thankful. 


About Sandie

A little background: A mother of 3, two boys and a girl. Married young to a good man. No longer young, but he is still a good man. Grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, lived several years in small town Alaska, spent a couple years in the city of Madison, currently residing not too far from down town Anchorage. Drink a crazy amount of coffee. Fiercely loyal to my friends. Truly rabid in my defense of family. Beyond thankful that my God loves me enough to allow me to doubt and question.

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  1. You better believe THIS IS A MIRACLE!! And, in my opinion, not such a “private one”. Not until you are in Glory one day, my friends, will you know the depth and greatness in which God showed His glory and healing, sustaining majesty to countless souls (human and angelic.) I’m completely convinced He has used and is continuing to use your faith as testimony and to encourage souls and draw souls to Him!

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