Garlic, it really does go with everything…


even chocolate cake. 

Not kidding here, I made Broder’s birthday cake today (we had a little party with another family).  He had asked for just 3 things for his birthday:

The love of his family

Mama’s chocolate potato cake

and “Lord of the Rings battle for middle earth 2, collectors edition” computer game. 


So I made the cake.  This cake calls for 1 cup of mashed potatoes in the batter.  As we had leftover mashed potatoes from dinner last night, I thought I would just use those, rather than making more.  (before you get too impressed, I need to confess that I ONLY make mashed potatoes from a box, I really can’t make them any other way, I have tried and always end up with a gray gluey mess, so, no more, it is flakes for me).

I took the potatoes from the fridge, set them on the counter to get to room temp (the recipe says this is very important, I just do as they say). 

Adding the potatoes is the last step.  Just as the potatoes hit the bowl I remembered:

Those were garlic mashed potatoes. 

 And not just a little garlic either, as anyone who has ever been subjected to my cooking knows I subscribe to the “there is no such thing as too much garlic” camp. 

Oh no!

Oh well!

into the oven it went.  Garlic and all. 

An hour later it looked as good as ever.  (and truthfully, this cakes usually looks pretty good). 

So I turned it out onto the cake stand and set it in the middle of the table, hoping that if it looked like a masterpiece…

And what do you know,  2 C sugar, 5 eggs, 1C butter,  melted bittersweet chocolate/honey mixture and a dash of black pepper can override a whole lot of garlic. 

 want the recipe?


About Sandie

A little background: A mother of 3, two boys and a girl. Married young to a good man. No longer young, but he is still a good man. Grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, lived several years in small town Alaska, spent a couple years in the city of Madison, currently residing not too far from down town Anchorage. Drink a crazy amount of coffee. Fiercely loyal to my friends. Truly rabid in my defense of family. Beyond thankful that my God loves me enough to allow me to doubt and question.

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  1. Mmm mmm mmm! I bet it was great, and certainly the kiddos thought it was the best thing EVER. Fun fact: Did you know that the only difference between human cookies and those gourmet jobbies marketed for pet dogs is that the doggie cookies have garlic added? True.

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