I am supposed to be at the gym right now…


but my mp3 player needed to charge, and since listening to music with a fast beat can improve your workout by up to 30%, I took that a good reason to sit here, on my rear end, surfing the net and drinking coffee. 

Since Auntie Megan left, I have been trying hard to keep up the workouts.  I am not pushing myself as hard as she pushed me, but am getting to the gym 4-5 times a week for 1.5-2 hours a time.  Try to lift weights for half hour to 45 mins and then cardio for an hour.  A couple times I have participated in an “abs” class.  That was brutal. 

So you would think I might see a difference on the scale. 

No, not happening.  still a really big number.  Oh well, it will come off, or it won’t, and either way it is good to get the exercise.  I do feel good, energetic and boy do I get cranky if I don’t workout a couple days in a row.  I guess that means it is starting to become important to me. 

Well, as long as I am here at home, when I should be at the gym, I better get something done.  There are dishes and laundry that are calling to me.  Perhaps if I turn up the music a little louder I won’t hear them.


About Sandie

A little background: A mother of 3, two boys and a girl. Married young to a good man. No longer young, but he is still a good man. Grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, lived several years in small town Alaska, spent a couple years in the city of Madison, currently residing not too far from down town Anchorage. Drink a crazy amount of coffee. Fiercely loyal to my friends. Truly rabid in my defense of family. Beyond thankful that my God loves me enough to allow me to doubt and question.

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  1. Just remember…MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE!! You’re probably just so beefed-up that your scale doesn’t reflect all your hard work. I hate scales…and hardly pay attention to them. If I feel good and energetic and can do the things I want to do, and my clothes fit comfortably…I call it success!

  2. Hey, you’re sitting around on the computer too?? What fun, to be here lounging together with you.

    Say there Sandie, would ya pass them bon bons? And scoot over, I can’t see “Days of our Lives” around ya. 🙂

  3. At least at first, working out isn’t suppose to show on the scales so much as on the waistline. Any change there? I do need encouragement to consider working out myself.

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