Monthly Archives: October 2008

He made it!!!…


Entropy is home.  He got here about 12:15am Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  The driver pulled his HUGE truck, (53 ft trailer and sleeper cab) in front of our little house (24 ft wide across the front, our lot is only 50ft wide).  So this guy and his rig stretches from our front door, past our driveway, and well into the neighbors yard, stopping just short of the end of the block.  I have no idea why I am telling you this, except it was kind of funny and surreal. 

Back to the dog. 

So Kjell and I run out to the truck and there is the big guy, standing on the passenger seat, tail going round round and round, whining and whining.  It was so cute.  Jeff (the driver) pulled out a blanket, padded the steps out of the truck and out jumped Entropy.  It was great, there was a lot of leaning and hugging. 

We got Entropy in the house and he sniffed and sniffed and sniffed.  In and out of every room.  The cutest moment was when he ran into Sunny’s room, and leaned over and gave sleeping Sunny a big wet kiss on the nose.  She opened her eyes, sighed “oh Entropy” and rolled over and went back to sleep. 

After a late night walk, lots more hugs and kisses, we all went to bed, Entropy and Kjell curled up together on the floor in the boys’ room.


Yep, it’s true…


our dear dog (some might say 4th child) is on his way to Alaska to live with us again.  

long story short:

2 years ago we were living in a 640 sq ft apartment that did not allow pets.  Our wonderful friends Cathy and Jim S-E took Entropy into their home, where he promptly claimed the couch and a huge part of their hearts.  They loved him and spoiled him in a way we never could have, and we still got to visit and play with him.  Moving to Alaska was fast and complicated by the little health issue Dave was facing and I was overwhelmed.  So, the S-E’s agreed to keep the puppy a little longer until we could work out transportation etc.  We thought we had a ride up for him in August, that fell through.  I was just getting ready to bite the bullet and shell out nearly $1000 to fly the big guy, when we found some guy named Jeff who was on his way to Alaska and happened to have a little bit of room in the cab of his semi.  So now Entropy is somewhere in Canada, enjoying the bed of the sleeper cab and snacking on the homemade dog treats that Cathy made for the trip.  He should arrive Monday or Tuesday. 

We are so excited to have him here with us.  I have missed having a dog around so very much. And I have missed having this particular dog to the point of pain.   The kids are thrilled and have been telling everyone they know that their “puppy” is going to be here soon.  I have been flashing his picture to anyone standing still.  What does it say about me that I have pictures of my dog on my phone, but no pictures of my kids.  Ok, don’t answer…

Dave was home for a couple extra days…


this week, and I tell you, that just totally through off my routine.  Thankfully he went back to work this morning so I have some time to sit here in the recliner I pretend to hate and play on my computer.  With all the kids at school and Dave 800 miles away, I don’t even have to pretend to be busy. 

Truly, it was really nice to have him home a little bit longer than usual this time, Dave is scheduled to be gone 1/2 the time, but with trainings and meetings out of state happening a few times a year, it ends up being more than that, so these 2 extra days in town were really fun.



to my sister Carol, brother-in-law Brad and niece Beata, on the birth of Lydia Hope!  The Petry Showalter clan welcomed baby girl #2 on Thursday of last week.  I finally saw a few pictures the other day and she is really a beautiful little baby. 

Of course, I am a little sad that I not there to hold her, but we are burning through cell minutes getting updates.  I hope to get to Minnesota before too long, even if just for an extended weekend, so I can see this little one.

Prayers of praise and thanksgiving!