Monthly Archives: November 2008

I am thankful for…(part 3)


I try really hard to be thank full each and everyday, and to express my joy for the countless blessings that comprise my life  each and every day, not just at Thanksgiving.

I am full of thanks this year.  Dave is healthy, really that is enough to fill me with thanks, but lucky me, there is so much more. 

I am thankful for my kids, my heart swells with gratitude when I look at them.  I feel an inadequate and incompetent parent many days, but always, always Thank Full.

I am thankful for my family, far away though they are.  I am thankful that they will be together tomorrow and I know that they will miss us as much as we miss them.  How great is that?  To have a family that enjoys being together and loves.  Thank Full!

I am thankful for my friends.  Here, there, everywhere.  It is amazing to me that I have friends at all, so when I stop to think about all the people all over the world  that I care for and that care for me, it is almost overwhelming.  I am not worthy, but wow, am I Thank Full!

Those are the big things.  But still there is more I have to give thanks for. 

Over the last few months, with all that has gone on, Dave’s health, the move back to Alaska, I have been pretty narrowly focused and have felt like I “can’t see the forest for the trees”.   

So, looking closer at those trees, this is what I found, a forest Full of Thanks.  And I am truly THANK FULL for:

dear darling Entropy rejoining our family, our cozy little house, the csa I just discovered that will bring me good organic produce each week, the chance for our kids to learn a 2nd language, the chance for me to learn a 2nd language, Dave’s steady job, an old blue honda minivan, not having a newspaper route, a gym membership, a diverse school for the kids, the beauty of the mountains that greet me each day, rediscovering old friends, making new friends, the time to bake bread, volunteer opportunities, a welcoming church, daily walks with the dog, the park 3 blocks away, the gas stove, water and ice in the frig door, non-hideous furniture, my really funky and warm winter boots, visitors, postcards in the mail, emails from near and far, facebook, my cell phone and  the crazy number of minutes we have a month, the end of the election cycle…

I could go on and on and on…  there is much for which to be Thank Full!


Back in September…


I was a model for a local fashion show.  Apparently the pool of “plus size” models is quite small here in Alaska.  There is no other explanation for my being asked. 

Anyway.  It was fun.  Spent the day in some beautiful clothes, had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist, and my hair done about 15 times over the course of the evening. 

A local not-quite-pro hockey team served as our escorts for the evening.  So those adoring, good looking young men you see in the photos, yeah, they had to be there and smile.  But they were very good sports about the whole thing, gentlemen through and through (well, except for the 2 that got thrown out for being drunk and obscene).

A couple of my friends went as they both needed a night of belly laughs, and Julia took a bunch of photos. 

So, here are a couple.  Enjoy.  Giggle.  Make obnoxious comments.  Or just be really insanely jealous because I looked SO good.  model13


After 3 weeks of company, one bout with a stomach virus and a wrenched back…


I went to the gym this morning.  Yeah, that was brutal.  It isn’t like I have done NOTHING for the last 3 weeks, just close to nothing.  I need to remember it is not starting over from zero, probably more like 2 or even 3. 

I have been walking the dog 2-3 times a day most days, although, he is an old dog and walks very slowly, so I am not sure that counts as activity. 

Now I am home, drinking coffee and eating a chocolate chip cookie. hmmm.  I guess I better work out a little harder tomorrow.