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it is very fun, but it has taken me away from my blogging.  Dave yelled at me about it today, so here I am, because I am good wife. 

Making the round on facebook right now is a request to write 25 things about yourself.  So, I am re-posting it here, so you non-facebookers can see this.  It has been pretty fun to read peoples lists, and I would just love it if you would write your own list for me in the comment section!  (Hint hint)

Yep, the 25 things thing. Here is my version.
I have seen this titled “25 random thing about me”. “25 thing you don’t know about me” “25 things you don’t want to know”.

Mine is 25 things about me. Many of you may know some of these, I am not sure anyone knows all of them.

It has been so much fun reading the lists others have written, I got kind of jealous and wanted to write my own.
the deal is that you are supposed to tag 25 people and then those 25 people are supposed to write their lists and if you are tagged it is because I want to know more about you. Well, i want to know more about you, each and everyone of you.

1. I married for love and and a sense of humor, not for money.

2. consequently my dream of being a philanthropist with world wide impact may never come true.

3. I once audtioned for “Star Search” , I did not rise to national fame, perhaps my choice to cover the Sex Pistols was misguided.

4. I took the SAT, in 7th grade, my scores were fine and I never took it again. I have not lived up to my potential.

5. I After my 2nd year of college I moved to Alaska in search of a grand adventure. I found that adventure, I call him Dave.

6. I had my first piece of poetry published in 6th grade.

7. I have a forklift license.

8. Three kids does not seem like enough, although in truth I would say that even if I had ten.

9. Sometimes I wish that my mother was crazy, because everyone I know that has a crazy mother is also a fabulous writer, and I would love to be a truly great writer.

10. I am raising 3 really wonderful writers.

11. I like to make up silly songs, primarily about history.

12. I cannot sing “Children of the Heavenly Father”, “It is well with my Soul”, “I was there to hear your Borning Cry” or “Let all things now Living” without crying.

13. I want all those songs sung at my funeral, by a volunteer choir.

14. Although I love to make bread, I really don’t enjoy eating sandwiches. Too much bread.

15. When my kids are naughty, it is everything I can do not to cheer them on.

16. I love the idea of living communally and I hope that becomes a reality for us someday.

17. I throw myself into each and evey community I am a part of with reckless abandon. Every place I have ever lived is eactly where I wanted to be. Each time I have to move, a part of my heart is ripped from me, and that little piece stays behind. This is wonderful, because I have so many places I call home.

18. I got my first tattoo at 19 because I was sure that eventually I would marry a pastor and was convinced when that happened I would no longer have any fun. I married a chemist who later went to seminary, and have since found that many pastors are among the most fun. And I have added to my tattoo collection.

19. I felt petite once.

20. I can, if I have to, change the brakes on my vehicles. I prefer not to.

21. I have pictures of my dog on my phone, but not my kids.

22. When I see the suffering around me, locally and throughout the world, I am ashamed that I have ever felt sorry for my self in any way. My life is so good.

23. I went on a blind date that had all of the following: blood, flame, dirty diapers, doggie diarrhea, orange shag carpeting, a screaming infant, a malfunctioning toilet, stray hair on the entree and dental floss.

24. I don’t watch tv, I have never seen American Idol, I have never seen Desperate Housewives, I have never seen Lost. This is not because I feel I must shield myself fromt he evils of the world. I don’t watch TV because I am really lazy, and if I started watching TV I would never get anything done ever again.

25. Everyday I am thankful.


6 day weekend…


School was closed Wed-Fri this week due to the icy road conditions.  things just keep melting.  Parts of Anchorage have been registering temps around 50.  It is crazy. 

The kids have been enjoying this unexpected break, we have all stayed up too late, tonight we watched a movie together.  Ok, the kids watched, I fell asleep.  But, we were in the same room together.  Quality family time.

We have had another dog with us this week, and that has been fun.  Her name is Osa, and she is darling, as little and skinny as Entropy is big and thick.  Aside from one tussle over a biscuit, they have gotten a long really well, even taking a run around the neighborhood together to chase a moose.  Tracking them down was the best cardio workout I have had in a long long time.  It is amazing what running on ice will do for your core, all that twisting and turning and trying to stay upright.  Who needs Pilates?

Anyway, here is a picture of the little girl dog.  She is a cutie.  Right at the back of her head she has a cow-lick and her hair is always sticking up a bit.  I think that is my favorite part about her. 


Okay, here is another one, in this picture you can see the little tuft of hair sticking up right between her ears at the top of her head.  Darling.sleepy-osa


I’ll take another picture of the house and lack of snow tomorrow. 

Osa goes home tomorrow, we will all be a little sad.

Lots of snow, very little plowing, lots of rain= ICE ROADS!!!!


We got our first snow on October 1, and essentially we have had snow since that day.  It is my understanding that Alaska often gets snow in the winter, so you would think the city of Anchorage would be rather efficient when it comes to plowing streets. 

That is not the case.  I have been told there is a “system” for getting the roads plowed in Anchorage, and from my observation it goes like this:

“Sometimes we will plow the roads, and other times we won’t.  If there is a lot of snow at any one time, we promise to get to your road within 3 days.  If there is a light covering of snow we will be out there in a couple of hours and we will drag the grater along the pavement showering sparks.”

I live less than 3 miles from downtown Anchorage.  This is not a remote area.  After 3 days, there have been hundreds of cars driving over the snow on the streets and you know what happens then…yep, snow gets packed down. 

Well, we have had a lot of snow this winter, and many many days where the roads were not plowed (at a major intersection near our house there was an ice blob in the turn lane that was 8 inches tall at it’s peak, lovely).  Consequently, there was about 2 inches of packed snow on any of the side streets in town. 

On Tuesday evening, after 2 weeks of below zero temps (way below, -20-30, warming all the way up to -15 during the day), a Chinook wind blew in.  These happen once in a while, and they warm things up.  This one REALLY warmed things up. 

Overnight the temps rose to 40+.  and it started raining, and blowing, and raining some more. 

Guess what happened.  Uh huh, things started to melt, and fast.  Well, except the 2 inches of really hard packed ice on our roads.  that just got covered with an inch or so of water.  During the day.  Then at night, the temp has been dropping again, to about 32+, just enough to freeze. 

So, we haven’t had school for the last 2 days, and no one is going anywhere.  The mail hasn’t even been delivered in our neighborhood. 

Tonight it is supposed to rain and then snow as the temp drops into the low to mid 30’s overnight.  Right now it is 44 and raining. 

I live in East Anchorage, a little ways in from the ocean, so we get a sheltered a bit from the winds and extremes of this Chinook, but a friend on the Hillside said that the winds in her neighborhood was blowing steady at about 60 miles per hour, with gusts over 100 mph.  Our winds are holding it down a bit here, just about 30mph.

So here is a picture of the road in front of my cute little house:ice-roads-002