Monthly Archives: May 2009

UPS fun….


This afternoon the UPS guy came by with a little box of joy for the Lawrence household.  Well, ok, it was a box of joy for me and Dave, as it was a shipment of wine.  The UPS guy is pretty friendly, and we get a lot of UPS shipments (not all wine, don’t panic, Mom), and he often chats for a moment.  I find out neat stuff about the neighbors, several others get wine shipments too, apparently our neighborhood has about the highest per capita wine deliveries.  I think that is because we are all so sophisticated and urbane.  That must be it.  Lots of other book lovers in the are as well, judging by the number of boxes. 

So, today, I meet Mr UPS at the door, and he hands me my wine box(not to be confused with box wine, although some of that is not too bad).  We say nice things about the weather and the upcoming weekend. 

Then he says:   “so, do you work?” (is it unusual to find someone at home EVERYTIME a package is delivered?). 

And I respond:   “no, not really” (too hard to explain the working 12 hours a week thing, it doesn’t really count as work). 

And he says:  “oh, because you’re rich?”

And I am thinking:  well that would explain the tiny house, 12 year old minivan and 17 year old pickup

But instead I say:  “No, because I am lazy.”

Dropped jaw, stunned silence.

And finally:  “Well, ummm, you’re honest.”