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World’s Best Dog


Entropy: World’s best Dog

It was just about 12 years ago.    We had been talking about getting another dog, but until recently had been at an impasse about what type of dog to get.

We knew we wanted a big dog.

Beyond that, there was NO common ground.

I wanted a great Dane.  Dave wanted an Irish Wolfhound.

Dave hated Great Danes, I felt a similar dislike for the Wolfhound.

And then one of his co-workers asked if we had ever heard of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

Um, no.

So in those long ago days of dial-up internet (well long ago, unless you are my beloved sister, for her it is still reality, different story for another day), Dave and I spent many hours waiting for pages to load, so we could learn a bit more.

And we were intrigued.

That fall we were in Minnesota, visiting my parents, and Dave, as he often did, was reading the classified ads in the Star Tribune (remember those?  it is how commerce happened among the masses before Craigslist).

And right there, right in the middle of the page, waiting for us was an ad that read:

Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies.  Ready now.

Dave said “Should we go take a look?, We don’t have to get one”

Like that was going to happen.

So we left the boys with Mom and Dad, grabbed our checkbook “just in case” and set off for Minnetonka.

We pulled up to the home where the puppies were.  There were 9 crazy little black and tan bundles of energy clamoring for our attention.  And one sweet boy puppy who calmly walked over to us, looked up at me and promptly sat on my foot.


A few papers were signed, a check was written, and we were the proud owners of Snow Valley’s Entropy Pauling Lawrence.  The cutest puppy, with the biggest paws, one ever did see.

From the beginning it was apparent that Entropy was not just a regular dog.  He was something special.  Gentle with our kids from the very first day, he was a great addition to our family.

Over the next few years, his amazing dog-ness continued to blossom.

Perhaps it was his size that made people stop and stare, at 150lbs, with a massive head that came nearly to my hipbone, he certainly stood out.

Perhaps it was his lovely tan and black coat, thick and soft, that made people turn their heads.

But those things are not what made nearly everyone who ever met him fall in love.

It’s hard to explain, I don’t even know if I can.  But I will try.

Entropy is the kind of dog, whom if one likes dogs, one will love.  And if one does not  like dogs, one will like Entropy anyway.

Entropy affected people.  Entropy infected people.  Entropy entranced people.

There are so many Entropy stories.  And some day I will write them all.

But tonight, I write to say only this:

For almost 12 years, we have had the joy of sharing our lives with the World’s BestDog.

The last few months have seen a sad and horrible decline in his health, and the time has come to lovingly help him pass.

Tomorrow morning,  a vet will come to our home, and we will all hold him as she administers the medicine that will stop his heart, and end his pain.

And we will cry, as we have every day  for the last several weeks.

And we will miss him, for the rest of our lives.

For Entropy truly has been

The World’s Best Dog.

Broder being Entropy’s understudy!


Oklahoma: Great! Not just OK.


We are moving.

Not down the street to the green house we have been eyeing for the last 4 years.

Not to somewhere exotic or alluring like Paris.

We are moving to Oklahoma.

Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dave has taken a new position within Schlumberger, and his base will be in a little town called Kellyville, just outside of Tulsa. The new job is exciting, from a safety guy’s point of view, and promises to keep him challenged for months, maybe even longer!

It is a good move.

It is also a hard move.

Very hard.

In all honesty, I am feeling fragile in a way I never have before.

For my entire adult life, I have identified as Alaskan. Even through our previous moves to the midwest for grad school, I still thought of Alaska as my home.

Over the last 21 years, I have learned to embrace all things Alaska.

This former Minnesotan learned to eat and enjoy fish.

I have helped to butcher moose.

I have driven into Anchorage from Wasilla with the head of a moose sitting next to me in the truck.

I have thrown up over the side of a number of boats.

I have camped on the Homer Spit, in Chicken, on the Denali highway, and many places in between.

My first baby went on his first hike when he was just 6 weeks old. Because that is what one does in Alaska.

I drive ridiculous, huge gas guzzling trucks.

I wear boots and wool socks like they are stylish.

My jewelry is made of ivory.

My scarf is made of Musk ox fur.

On the coldest of days, I don seal fur mittens.

Alaska is where I fell in love with Dave

Alaska is where I fell in love with Dave’s family.

Alaska is where the Covenant became our church.

Alaska is where my boys were born.

Alaska is where the World’s Best Dog will take his final breath.

Alaska is where my dearest friend calls home.

I have said before, that when I live in a place, I throw my self in fully, and when I leave, a piece of my heart gets ripped out and stays behind.

This time, it feels like I am taking just a tiny piece of my heart with me while the biggest part stays rooted, firmly, defiantly in Alaska.

And for this very reason I am determined to LOVE Oklahoma.

It would be easy to move to Oklahoma, a state I have driven through once, when I was 10, and only miss Alaska.

I could move to Oklahoma, and throw my self into reading and watching all things Alaska. Wishing I was back in my sweet little house, surrounded by the lush beauty and the grandeur of the mountains every where I looked.

I could do that. It would be easy.

And it would be awful…

For my husband, for my kids, for me, to wallow in our pain, our sadness.

So, we are going to embrace Oklahoma.

The heat

The tornados

The thunderstorms (I can hardly wait!)

Swimming outside in the nearby lakes.

The plains.

The endless sky.

Cowboy boots.


And I am going to read every book I can find on Oklahoma’s history, and pour over maps to find places to go that I have never seen, and never dreamed I would see, and visit the museums, and take in lectures at the universities, and find a church to call home. And I know, I truly know
That Oklahoma will not be just OK.
Oklahoma will be GREAT!