3 weeks in…


It’s been 3 weeks since we landed at the Tulsa International Airport.

In that time we have had visitors, unpacked a container load of household goods, purchased new furniture, and a new car, took a road trip to San Antonio, found our church home (which wasn’t too hard as there is only 1 covenant church here, boy are we glad we like it!), dave has traveled out of state 2x, as a family watched 2 full seasons of BigBang Theory, broken a sweat every day just breathing, seen 2 lightning filled thunderstorms, got our library cards, figured out where to place the fans in order to maximize the AC airflow, found the perfect Reuben (I am so excited about this), found that if we hit the running trails before 6 am neither Dave nor I feel like we are going to die by the time we get home, discovered a coffee shop within walking distance, discovered there is a wine bar right next to the coffee shop, fallen in love with this big creaky old house, watched with horror as wildfires destroyed so many homes just down the highway, prayed for those affected even as the ash from from their homes fell onto our lawn, and through all this have had a wonderful time as a family in a way we just don’t often have time to when we are so pulled in different directions by work and friends etc.

In a couple weeks, real life begins again. The kids start at their new schools, and I have to get into my on Bon Bon eating routine. With a giant house to clean, rooms to paint, curtains to sew, and meals to make, it is going to be tough to fit in all the pedicures and eyebrow waxings it takes to remain this lovely, i am really going to have to manage my time well!


About Sandie

A little background: A mother of 3, two boys and a girl. Married young to a good man. No longer young, but he is still a good man. Grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, lived several years in small town Alaska, spent a couple years in the city of Madison, currently residing not too far from down town Anchorage. Drink a crazy amount of coffee. Fiercely loyal to my friends. Truly rabid in my defense of family. Beyond thankful that my God loves me enough to allow me to doubt and question.

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