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I walk. A lot


when we (read I) were looking for a place to live in Tulsa, one of the things that was important was the walkability of the neighborhood. We (I) wanted to be in a place where it was possible to walk to many of the places that would be a part of our (my) daily life.

It started while we lived in Madison, WI. While we were there, we only had to start our car a couple times a week. The public transportation was wonderful, we lived within walking distance of the library, the grocery store, the community pool, the school. It was in Madison where we (I) discovered the joy of a walking life.

In Anchorage, it was not quite so easy/. Public transportation was not a city priority, the sidewalks were rarely ever cleared in the winter (most of the year), the kids were in a charter school ALL the way across town. But we did what we could. Biked to church some of the time. Dave skied or walked to work when he didn’t have meetings all over town. We biked or walked to the frisbee golf course before it was closed.

Tulsa offered a fresh start. A chance to live the way we (I) dreamed. We (I) was determined to find a place to live that afforded our family all the best of Tulsa.

Having grown up in the suburbs (me) or the boonies (Dave), We (I) wanted to be close to downtown to take advantage of the arts offerings, the coffee shops, the wine bars, that a bigger city might have to offer.

So we (I) started looking.

And we (I) found the perfect spot. The latest Lawrence Lair is just .5 miles from downtown Tulsa. Right over the bridge in a neighborhood called Riverview (Look it up, loads of history). Funky 100 year old houses in various states of rehab. And right on the edge of the attendance area for the best schools in the city.

And the highest walkability score in the state. (86 out of 100). I think the thing that decreases the score is that there is no real grocery store within a mile, but happily, that is changing!

So anyway, having made a fuss to move into this neighborhood, and into a crazy, rambling, quirky old house (where Dave may have preferred something a bit more modern), I felt I better make good on my desire to be in a walking neighborhood,.

So I walk. On average 28 miles a week. 20 of those are walking the kids to school/bus stop M-F. but the other 8 (or more) are going to places like the library, or the YMCA for a workout, or the homeless shelter where I serve meals.

I have made a deal with myself to walk if my destination is 1.5-2 miles or less from our home.

Now, I realize that this is possible because I don’t work. I have the time. And for this I am very thankful.

I love my walking lifestyle. I see so much that I know I would miss. I have never paid so much attention to architecture. Or to the people around me. Or to the sky above me.

and I have lost 17 lbs since we (I) moved here. Which is awesome, but really, where this would have been the most exciting thing 6 months ago, right now, it is is just one more benefit.



Tulsa musings…


The heat has lessened. Most days it hovers around 90, which is remarkably more tolerable than 110. I am in awe of the men and women I see around me each and every day who seem completely unfaazed by the temptature. Every day I see people who are not sweating.

I wish I were one of them.

But not me. No, I spend my days in a state of sopping. Mst of the time I wear a baseball cap in the hopes that the extent of my perspiration is somewhat disguised.

I don’t think it fools anyone, as my face is a perpetual state of flushed and my shoulders, chest, armpits, calves, ankles and feet are constantly shiny with moisture.

It’s fairly disgusting.

However, there is a plus side, my skin has never looked better, any toxins in my system must be being flushed out with the copious amounts of water I drink.

And I am tan. Which is seriously awesome.

And I am still wearing sundresses and sandals while my Alaska friends are breaking out the fleece jackets.