Monthly Archives: November 2012

Endless. Glorious. Fall.


Earlier today I posted on Facebook that I now know why people suffer through Oklahoma summer.

It is because Oklahoma summer: the blistering, soul sucking, makes a person long for death heat, gives way to Fall.




November in Oklahoma makes up for July in Oklahoma in much the same way May in Alaska makes up for February.

Everything about the last few weeks have had me pinching myself. I can’t even believe it is real.

Cool evenings, crisp mornings, sunshine and breezes all day. And I have appreciated every single moment I have spent outside, walking the kids to school, walking to the gym, walking, walking walking. I have enjoyed being outside so much, that last week, when I had to run the kids to and from a million different things, and those obligations kept me in the driver’s seat of my stupid Volvo wagon all day, I was resentful and crabby.

But today. Today was more. Today moved me to tears.

Today I pulled into a parking lot to collect my thoughts, so distracted by the beauty around me I could no longer concentrate on driving (and being the good and dutiful wife of a driving safety guy, I am very aware of my limits).

As I sat in the parking lot of Whole Foods, I thought about the beauty of Alaska: the snowcapped mountains, the splendid sunrises and sunsets reflected off the same, the ocean RIGHT THERE. And I missed Alaska.

And I gave thanks for Oklahoma. For here, we have Fall.

There are no mountains, but there is blue sky that stretches impossibly far, truly, one can see the future on the edge of the horizon.

There is no ocean, but just outside of town, the prairie grasses sway. Each stalk an elegant dancer. The wind, playing a melody through the leaves and stalks, beating out a happy rhythm in the dry leaves that skitter across the roadways.

And the colors, oh how I have missed the colors!!

The trees, which were lovely and lush during the summer, are positively arrogant in their beauty now. Reds! Golds! Deep greens!

Growing up in the Midwest, Fall was always my favorite season. I enjoyed Winter, the chance to snuggle in, read books while curled under a blanket. And my hope was renewed by Spring, new life, the Resurrection. And of course, Summer, carefree and lazy, one can hardly complain about swimming and sun. But I have always LOVED Fall.

tonight, I sit here, on the porch, with a fire going in the chiminea, the breeze occasionally blowing the smoke into my eyes and I am thankful and content.

For it is Fall.

And it is Glorious.