Monthly Archives: December 2012

time for joy…


I spent some time re-reading the posts from the last few months. from the the day we found out we were moving to Oklahoma, my writings have been filled with drama, angst, self pity.

I have written about leaving friends and family, the death of our beloved Entropy, missing the mountains, the hoping-for-death heat of the Oklahoma summer, the struggles as a the kids adjust to school, my loneliness.

it’s all been so sad. so awful.

Enough of THAT!!!

Years ago, I wrote about seeking the Joy, hunting down the Fun, beating the Happy out of sadness. How each situation: cancer, moving, parents growing too old . In each situation, in the depths of the sadness, there is Happiness, somewhere, everywhere.

So tonight, I share the JOY!

My kids are thriving. All 3 are making friends. All 3 are excelling in school.

Our family has never been closer. We spend a crazy amount of time together, and it is great. We are learning things about each other that we never would have taken the time to care about.

Dave’s job keeps him challenged and busy. He is learning new things each day, and enjoying nearly every moment.

I am finally realizing my dream of being truly involved in the community. I have the time to volunteer for causes near to my heart. I am back to making nearly every meal from scratch.

I HAVE A CHAIR IN MY KITCHEN!!!!!! A place where the kids, Dave, or friends can relax while I do the thing I love best: feed people.

My family and Lower 48 friends can visit. In the few short months we have been here we have had 1 niece(and friends), my oldest sister and her family, friends from Minnesota and New Mexico visit. We are looking forward to my parents, oldest brother and his wife, as well as my niece Josie and her husband joining us for Christmas. Next year brings visits from my Godparents, a dear dear Aunt and Uncle, and others whom we have not gotten to spend much time with over the last few years.

And the weather!

I might miss the mountains, but I am enjoying walking the kids to school wearing just a lightweight coat. I have not shoveled an inch of snow, nor scrapped a windshield even once! I will miss the xc skiing, but somehow, I think it will be ok.

As much as i loved our cozy little home in Anchorage, I am enjoying the space we have here. the master bed/bath is a luxury we have never had before. And I must admit I LOVE the fact the my teenage sons no longer share a bathroom with me.

New furniture: Sounds crazy, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my living room furniture. After 20 years of marriage, many moves, and so many houses, we bought NEW furniture for the first time when we moved here. It’s shallow, it’s materialistic, it’s purple, it’s glorious.

And a fenced in backyard. What a joy to just open the door and let our crazy mid-sized dog out.

Really, really fast internet. Oh, my Alaska family/friends, you might think you have decent internet speeds, but let me assure you, you don’t. But I do. And it is FANTASTIC (and inexpensive)

and speaking of inexpensive;


I love looking at a map of the USA and planning trips that can actually happen!

The excitement I feel when I imagine all the places I can go, just by gassing up the car! I remember all the trips of my childhood: The Grand Canyon, the Black Hills, the eastern seaboard, the Rockies, the North Woods and Boundary waters, the Southwestern deserts. Everything feels so accessible, for the first time in a very very long time.

A Covenant church. Though different, bigger, more polished, than our beloved 1st Covenant (and dear Arbor Covenant), it is great to worship within our chosen denomination. And the music and preaching is top-notch.

A lovely neighborhood. Big, dramatic trees, welcoming neighbors, friends for the kids just down the street.

and friends: slowly, but the seeds of new friendship have been sown, and roots are starting to grow.

it’s been hard. The move to Tulsa broke my heart.

But, instead of the unyielding scar tissue I feared would develop, I have found my heart just grew bigger.

which is great, because I have found lot to love.