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The Second Son…


Historically (and still today) the firstborn child, especially if a son, has gotten all the glory. Lands and titles bestowed upon this nearer- to-God little being. And, as a mother of a first born son, I understand how this happens,

But today’s post is not about the first born.

Today is all about the Second Son.

From the moment I found out I was expecting #2 I was filled with excitement, and trepidation. I went through the same emotions that, I believe, every mother of 1 experiences. How on earth was I going to love this next child as much as the first? My heart was already bursting.

For months I worried. Would it be possible to even look at this coming baby and see anything cute? Hadn’t every adorable-ness gene in the world been used up on #1? And what about smart? After all, #1 was exceptionally gifted(duh), no subsequent child could ever come close.

And then came Broder.

His name literally means Second son/little brother.

Even before his birth it was evident he was a whole new parenting adventure. Where the first babe showed up on his due date after a textbook labor run of 7 hours, Broder kept me guessing. 5 days of uncomfortable weak contractions that served no purpose but to make me scream at my midwives, my husband, the cashier at Carrs, just when I had given up ever actually birthing this kid, Broder backed off my cervix, took a deep gulp of amniotic fluid and made a break for it. 11 minutes of crazy intensity later, I was a mother of a Second Son.

Within minutes, he surprised us. He was so small, just bones and loose skin, curled up into a little ball of tension. The midwife guessed his weight at just over 6lbs. Maybe he has really dense bones, or more likely, his brain is 2x the normal size, whatever the case, his weight was well over 8 lbs. he was weighed several times, just to be sure.

And he was just so darling! (I will admit this was a relief, I really wanted a cute baby, shallow and vain person that I am)

For 6 weeks, he ate, he slept, and I was certain that this whole more than one kid thing was a piece of cake. I was the perfect mother. In retrospect i can see that was God giving me a little time to rest up for the crazy ride to come.

He’s hard to describe, my Second Son. There is no one category. He is just MORE. In every single way. I have said it before, and on this, the eve of his birthday, I say it again.

Everything he does is bigger.

He gets mad faster, he forgives sooner, he plays harder, he loves more freely. He masters anything that interests him. And creatively avoids anything that doesn’t. His sense of justice is intensely defined. His compassion for those with less is sometimes overwhelming. His ability to charm is unnerving.

With the exception of those first 6 weeks, every day of the last 14 years has been a challenge as I continue to learn how best to guide him to being the incredible man he is on his way to becoming.

And every day, I am thankful, and humbled, to be his mother.


I love you.