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School starts soon….


11 days to be precise.

It’s a big year here.

Sunny begins middle school.
Broder begins high school.
Kjell begins his Senior year.

It’s tempting to focus on how fast it has gone, since that first day of kindergarten for Kjell, walking him to school with Broder toddling alongside me, and Sunny kicking from inside my womb, determined to make sure she was a part of things, even then.

I could wax about the days when they were sweet and little and they really had no choice but to adore me, as I was their whole world. (Those were good days, days that validated my choice to be home with them and stroked my ego).

But I would be missing so much of these days.

I see Sunny, strong and confident, entering into 6th grade after a rude awakening to the world of mean girls during her final year of elementary school. She could have let the cruelty of unhappy, petty people crush her. Instead, she faced them. Told them they were wrong, and not nice and removed herself from their talons. There were wounds, that is for sure. And she will carry those scars forever. But, just as the physical scars she sports on her face (car accident at 2.5), she is not ashamed, she is proud to have survived.

Broder has been waiting for high school since he was born, I am convinced. He worked hard in middle school, he learned to study. He found out what it was like to be afraid and learned that his dreams may take more work to come true than he could have ever expected. It would have been easy to give up. To be a victim. Instead, he is marching into this next phase with fierce determination. And he will make his mark.

Kjell, after so many years my sweet one, he is now(though still sweet) firmly on the path to manhood. He makes good decisions, not always the ones I would make, but the right ones for who he is and who he wants to become. His growing independence both thrills and terrifies me. My heart breaks knowing this is the last year he is my baby at home. My heart soars seeing him walk into his future.

Over the last week, I have said a couple times, to a couple different people, the following:

I love this time of my life, my kids lives. I am look at them and I get excited about the adventures that lie before them. The unbelievable potential each child holds, and how that will blossom as they move away from the tethers of my mother-love, my sometimes smothering mother-fear. I know I can’t protect them forever, I know too, that I can’t dream big enough for them.

That is theirs.

And I can’t wait to see where those dreams take them.


Tonight, while eating dinner…


Broder looked across the table and said:

“Mom, when I think about the things I like most, the memories that are the best in my life, it is the little stuff I like best.  You know, like when we are having meals together and laughing, or when we are driving somewhere and we all start singing in the car.  That stuff  is the best.  Not the big things.  Not the big events”.

As a mom, I can’t imagine anything I would have rather heard.

I have talked  quite a bit about my desire to create memories for my kids, (as I don’t take pictures, and we don’t have a forever home that they are growing up in) and I have prayed that my shortcomings as a mother are not what sticks out in their minds as they grow up.  That what they look back on and see is a lifetime of love and joy.  Everyday joy.

And it seems to be working out ok.

I got a little love today…


and with it I bought a phone and a latte.  Over the last couple of weeks, there was a “love offering” taken at church.  This love was to be divided up amongst the pastoral staff, the youth intern, the custodial staff and me, the church office manager/toilet fixer.

I have been eyeing/daydreaming about/ not quite coveting(because that would be a sin and although I do sin on a regular basis, I try to avoid it, really I do) the iphone.

So, today, Mr Bill O.  handed me an envelope, and in it was a check.  Just enough to cover an iphone, with enough left over for a celebratory latte!

Truthfully, I didn’t need a check to feel the love.  That is one thing about working at a church, there is a lot of love passed around, but I can tell you this:

Each time I use that spiffy phone, I will be reminded that I am very blessed, and yes, loved.

51 years…


  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 

 Last year we celebrated my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary with a big party at their house in Minnesota.  This year I made a phone call.  

But, as much as I love a good party, I am thankful for this 51, even more than I was for 50.

In a little over a month, Dave and I will have been married 17 years. This seems hard to believe.  And I know that making it to 17 is in large part due to my folks making it to 51.  The example they have set forth, living out those vows nearly every married couple repeats: 

For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part.

Over the last 38 years (34 of them that I can remember) I have seen them do those very things:

Love and Cherish

in each of the aforementioned circumstances:

for better, worse, richer, poorer, sickness and health.

51 years.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I love you.

3 days, 780 miles, one really big bruise…


chicken 035and we are back from our adventure to Chicken, Alaska. 

I have wanted to go to Chicken for years.  Ever since I read the book “Tisha” which chronicles the story of a young woman who is sent to teach in the village of Chicken, way back when.  It is a wonderful story, and I recommend it to all of you. 

So, this fall, when our friends the Riopelles, told us about the 4th of July Chicken adventure they were planning, I was quick to invite myself along.  And boy am I glad I did. 

Chicken is located about 1.5 hours from Tok, Alaska, which is about 6-7 hours from Anchorage(depending on RV traffic).  So driving up there is a major time and petroleum fuel commitment. 

As it came closer for the time to go to Chicken, I was faced with a major decision:

Do I take the 13 year old minivan with 160,000 miles?


Do I take the 19 year old truck with 190,000 miles?

As Dave put is “they have equal chances of breaking down, take wahteverone you want”.  easy for him to say, since he wasn’t going on this trip with us (ah, the sorrow of having to work).  Why I was worried about this, I have no idea.  I mean really, I drove the Lord’s Van all over the Midwest!

After much discussion and debate, we took the truck, because, in the words of my 9 year old, “we could haul a whole lot more junk”.

Right here and now I want to publicly thank Sandy and Shawn Friendshuh for taking such great care of that truck!  It ran like a dream and took the frost heaves like an old pro.

I have driven the road from Anchorage to Tok many times, but never before had I taken the turnoff onto the Taylor Highway.  Alaska really is beautiful, and so vast, and the trip up the Taylor just reinforced that.  The landscape on the way to Chicken was different than much of what seen in my limited travels around the state.  The mountains are big, but not jagged, more like grown up versions of the rolling hills of northern Minnesota.  Trees and wild flowers and little lakes here and there, it was lovely. 

As we pulled into Chicken, it was everything I had hoped:  quirky, dusty, hot!  With a name like Chicken… 

I could never get a definitive answer on the actual number of residents in Chicken, but I heard 3 as the year round population a number of times, with 70 being the standard for fulltime summer residents.  These seemed to be mostly people there to work the various gold claims in the area and a number of people who ran the 2 rv parks in the area, as well as the bar, cafe and store. 

The kids and I set up camp at one of the 3 tent sites at the “Original Chicken Gold Camp” RV park.  The owners looked at me a little funny when I said we would be tent camping.  I guess that isn’t really popular among the retired recreational gold mining crowd.  Then we set out to explore.  it didn’t take long. In the town of Chicken there is one store, one bar, one cafe and a post office, which only processes mail 1x a week, on Thursdays.  There are 2 RV parks, each with the required gift shop selling “I got laid in Chicken, Alaska” bumper stickers and t-shirts.  I did not get those. 

Kjell and his friend, Sam, immediately began to gold pan, while the other kids ran around and got dirty.  We had a lovely evening settling in and visiting by the fire.  

chicken 018

I woke up Saturday morning feeling that a shower would be a lovely thing.  So I sauntered on over to the campground shower house.  Happened upon an empty shower, plunked in my quarters for a 5 minute shower and realized(in a near panic) that I had not remembered to throw my shampoo into my toiletry bag.  I was determined to get the most out of this pricey shower, and make it more than just a rinsing.  A quick dig in the bag revealed a nearly full tube of toothpaste.  I thought, “What the heck, it cleans my teeth”.  I can now say, with complete assurance, toothpaste will take the grime right out of your hair and is a truly lovely body scrub to boot.

On Saturday, July 4th the big community picnic.  this picnic is a yearly fundraiser for a Gold Prospectors Assoc. and draws quite the crowd, about 200 people, the biggest weekend in Chicken all year, by far.  It was a great picnic.  For $12 you get the biggest steak (or grilled chicken) I have ever seen and endless side dishes, with all the water, soda and beer a person could possibly consume.   There are activities all day long, gold panning competitions for all ages, a massive egg toss event, and the indestructible pinata to cap off the day. 

Kjell and Sunny participated in the gold panning contest and they both won their age groups.  It was very very cute.  Broder was my entrepreneur and spent his afternoon plunging his arm into ice cold water to retrieve beer and sodas for the picnic goers.  his line was “tips appreciated, but not required”.  I think the little guy earned about $10, but he put all but $3 into the donation pot. 

 chicken 048

We had heard that there was a German tourist component to Chicken (I have no idea why this would be true) and we were not disappointed.  The kids got the practice their language skills with a couple families, both of whom were delighted and charmed. 

I walked away from the weekend with a bit of a sunburn, and the aforementioned, really big bruise.  While packing up the truck to go, I completely forgot we had installed a hitch with which to pull our boat (another post), and ran into the stupid thing, HARD.  As was observed by a friend, “those suckers don’t move”.  I can say without any doubt, my right shin was the loser in the “shin vs hitch” battle. 

chicken leg

We drove back on Sunday, dusty, smelly, and thoroughly happy to have made the trek. 

Next stop, Haines, AK, to visit with Dave’s folks.