Monthly Archives: May 2008

It’s 11:30pm…


and the party just wrapped up here.  It started out as an evening at home, just me and the kids.  It ended up far differently. 

6 kids, 4 adults. 

 Music playing over the computer, kids upstairs and downstairs.  Kids playing in the woods across the street. (we told them to occasionally yell “I love you, Mom”, so we would know where they were). 

The little girls played the harp, and watched a movie. 

The adults split a bottle of wine, (and then another one), and visited on the porch.  Ate some cheese and crackers, and some chocolate. 

Laughter as we talked about crazy things our kids(and we) have done, tears as we wept together over the loss of a parent(and the fear of losing one). 

The kids are the ones who broke up this party, begging to go home and get some sleep.  I think the adults could have talked all night. 

Well, there is a kitchen to clean, and a soccer game early tomorrow morning, so I am signing off. 



My kids have great friends..


 and those little friends have nice parents.  Here is a sampling of how this combination impacts my life on a regular basis. 

This morning, shortly after 8am, the doorbell rang, and there stood one of the boys’ friends with a bag of salad greens.  From his dad’s garden.  Yum, lunch. 

And this is not unusual.  It is truly amazing. 

Yesterday, another parent/friend stopped by with hot lentil soup and venison sausage, I had just made bread, and we all had dinner. 

Sunday and Monday, that same parent/friend stopped by with potted plants and hanging plants for our deck.  Her mother had passed away last week, and when they ordered flowers for the funeral, they ordered living plants that they could give to friends and family. I was really touched to be a recipient. 

Monday, I was asked  by the sister of a different parent/friend if I wanted a piano.  Crazy, and yes! 

Last Friday, as I was leaving the boys’ school, I was stopped by another parent/friend and told that she had been given 2 sewing machines, would I like one?  Umm, sure!  (this will replace my $6.99 table top machine I got at Goodwill, though NOT my commercial machine I got from my mother-in-law, thank you Carol!)

Last week, at some point yet another parent/friend, stopped by with some tomato plants for my little garden.  Last night my lentil soup parent/friend helped me weed my garden and plant those tomato plants.

This whole parent/friend thing has been a huge, wonderful unexpected blessing that I had no idea was in the wings when I sent my kids off to school. 

So, I will continue to thank God for these new friends, and continue to bake cookies for their kids.  It is the least that I can do. 

We had a great thunderstorm tonight…


and because I love thunderstorms, I am using my position as mom to foster this love in my children.  So, tonight, the rain was coming straight down, and I could open the windows and doors without getting everything all wet.  My favorite kind of thunderstorm. 

I opened all the blinds, turned off all the lights, and Broder and Sunny and I sat down on the couch to watch the show.  We have lots of windows in the living room, so this works out well. 

It was a long thunderstorm, and after a while, the kidlets stopped their chatter and just sat. 

When it was all over, I got up, found my camera, and captured the picture below.


It happened again…


there was a houseful of kids over here after school yesterday. 

A total of 6 boys.  They ate an entire batch of cookies.  Went through a gallon of Gatorade.  And climbed on the roof of the garage. 

One of my friends labeled our place “the House-o-Kids”.  Perfect.